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A Free Guided Meditation Series

Remove Blocks to Prosperity & Abundance

  A Course in Miracles Free Guided Meditations (a 7-Part Series)

Enjoy these Free Guided Meditations infused with the principles of A Course in Miracles. Sit back, relax, close your eyes and allow these soothing guided meditations to help you open your mind, release the blocks and move beyond self-judgment, lack and limitation. Release the barriers you have placed against love, wealth, happiness and abundance.

Miracles in Prosperity
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Enjoy this 7-Part Series as our Gift to You!
Sit back, Relax, Close Your Eyes and Listen
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This audio series should not be used while driving.
It is intended for meditative use only.

The above recordings are from our Live Global Teleclass on Miracles in Prosperity
Background Music is from Hawaii Healing Mauloa Album - Hauli Pure
Recording quality may vary due to live recording.

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Robin Duncan

Robin Duncan, Bio
Robin Duncan is a Spiritual Lecturer on A Course in Miracles and she infuses the principles of the Course in all of her training programs. Through her easy-to-understand explanations, practical examples, "how-to" steps and miracle stories, Robin has helped people all over the world to quickly grasp the concepts taught in A Course in Miracles to accelerate their practice, understanding and life transformation. She is known for making A Course in Miracles easy-to-apply for those who desire to move beyond fear, worry, suffering and scarcity. As Founder of The Miracle Center of California, Robin is also a Certified NGH Instructor for Hypnotherapy, Regression, EFT with the Source Technique, Life Coaching, Guided Imagery and Sound Therapy.  After 22 years in Executive Financial Management, Robin left her CFO position and made a full transition into instructing Practitioners on Holistic Wellness.

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